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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Have a read of Lucreative Business Services Ltd’s Privacy Policy here: Lucreative GDPR Privacy Policy Read more

Do you send or receive invoices in Word or Excel format?

Word and Excel formatted documents can easily be changed, but if you send a Sales Invoice out to your customer, do you really want them to be able to edit it?  It is really easy to double-click on an email attachment, open it automatically, accidentally amend it and then save the changes without being aware. [...] Read more

Bookkeeping Review – a new one-off service

A Bookkeeping Review is offered by Lucreative Business Services. It offers peace of mind that you’re on the right track with your bookkeeping – you’re complying with your obligations to maintain records, and you’re keeping your end-of-year accountancy costs down by not getting into any sort of major muddle, all with no ongoing commitment to [...] Read more

Use more words and save money!

Here’s a thing, and we’ve all done it – you go out for a business meeting; park the car, realise you’ve left your notebook in the office and pop into a newsagent for another, pick up some gum or fags while you’re in there, buy a coffee while you’re waiting for your contact, and once [...] Read more

Can I claim for eye-tests through my Company?

Easy answer is “almost certainly, yes”!   If your job requires you to use “display screen equipment, usually a Visual Display Unit (VDU)” (which is HMRC-speak for “a computer”) then you can take an eye-test, and either get your company to pay for it directly, or pay for yourself, and reclaim it as an expense. [...] Read more

Besieging the Government Gateway

So… registering as an Agent with HMRC Online.  How difficult can it be?  I’ll dash it off after lunch, and then have the rest of the afternoon to work through some other tasks as part of my New Year’s Resolution to clear my in-tray before the REAL back-to-work day on Monday 7th. So… registering as [...] Read more

Real Time Information – change to PAYE

Which of these responses matches your approach to RTI, the new system for reporting pay, tax, National Insurance and other details to HMRC.? (1)              It doesn’t affect me.  My company doesn’t employ anyone except me / I employ less than 5 people and haven’t been affected by new pensions legislation or the health & safety legislation / I only [...] Read more

Insuring a new business

“Insuring a new business needn’t be complicated and a little time spent planning what needs to be arranged from day one, will avoid unnecessary problems in the future.” This useful guide by Paul Brooks of Oasis Property Insurance Services Ltd outlines the sorts of insurance cover which you need to think about. If like many [...] Read more

Are you confused by CT600? Perplexed by P11D? Stumped by SA103S?

Are you confused by CT600? Perplexed by P11D? Stumped by SA103S? Then you need this – a short guide to the most common HMRC forms, and an outline of what they’re all about and so whether they might apply to you: All form references, thresholds and figures quoted relate to the 2011-2012 tax year.  This is [...] Read more
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