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Do you send or receive invoices in Word or Excel format?

Word and Excel formatted documents can easily be changed, but if you send a Sales Invoice out to your customer, do you really want them to be able to edit it?

 It is really easy to double-click on an email attachment, open it automatically, accidentally amend it and then save the changes without being aware.

 The result is erroneous payments or receipts, confusion, awkward conversations and generally wasted time all round.

 The solution is very simple – create your Sales Invoices in Word or Excel by all means, but when you save them, “save as” .pdf format, using the drop-down boxes on the “save as” screen.

 “pdf” or ‘Portable Document Format’ can be opened and read using Adobe Reader, a free downloadable viewer, compatible with PC or Mac. This is proven technology from a legitimate, reliable supplier, not some weird free dodgy internet software, and most people will have Adobe Reader on their computers already.

If you dont’ have Adobe Reader, you can download according to your operating system from here:http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/otherversions/

Be confident that your Sales Invoices will have a level of protection from accidental mess-ups.  Your customers will pay according to the document which you sent, rather than some garbled nonsense with half of another document typed into it, and recovered from the ‘mail downloads’ area by their teenage son!

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