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Can I claim for eye-tests through my Company?

Easy answer is “almost certainly, yes”!


If your job requires you to use “display screen equipment, usually a Visual Display Unit (VDU)” (which is HMRC-speak for “a computer”) then you can take an eye-test, and either get your company to pay for it directly, or pay for yourself, and reclaim it as an expense.


If you’re a Sole Trader or small company this should be easy as you’re probably in charge.


If you’re employed, then I’d recommend that you check what your employer’s procedures are first.


More good news is that provision of an eye-test to an employee is also not subject to National Insurance contributions:

(see http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/manuals/nimmanual/nim02145.htm)


Cost of glasses is trickier – only claimable if “the employee needs glasses or contact lenses solely for use with the display screen equipment they use in the course of their official duties”.  In practice, most people will find that if they need glasses, then they need glasses, and not just for VDU work.


And providing an eye-test for your employees who have to drive as part of their employment?  Well I would – but it seems that while Health & Safety Legislation regards eye-tests as necessary for VDU work, they don’t see them as a requirement for drivers.   Personally I think this is short-sighted (ha ha!)…

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